Basic Curriculum for Reception


  • ‘’Η Αλφαβήτα ταξιδεύει’’
  • Παρέα με τον παππού Αίσωπο (Φάκελος με καρτέλες & Οδηγίες)
  • Use of letter-cards, educational games, audio cds and dvds, children’s books and posters and worksheets. Ask advise from the headteacher.
  • Parents should provide opportunities for children to use Greek at home.

Listening / Speaking

  • Introduction to the Greek Language. Form simple sentences.
  • Expand vocabulary through themes:
    • Child’s life: home, day school, church, family
    • Seasonal: weather, clothing, activities
    • Other themes: greetings, numbers, colours, parts of the body
  • Story time – Circle time
  • Supplementary: Educational Songs, poems, action songs
  • Language games, counting games
  • Cultural, religious, ethnic topics
  • Viewing: Greek videos for discussion and vocabulary acquisition


  • Begin identification of letters
  • Use of visuals, letter cards


  • Trace/Copy letters (two spaces high)
  • Letter cards – match to appropriate picture
  • Variety of seatwork activities


  • Developing fine muscle coordination
  • Following instructions
  • Sequential activities

Culture History

Description and explanation of ethnic and religious events:

  • “OXI” day
  • Christmas
  • March 25
  • Easter
  • Name days


Songs with movement:
  • Syrto
  • Perna, perna I Melissa
  • Haropa ta dyo mou heria
  • Action Songs

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"