Basic Curriculum for pre-GCSE


  • NEA ELLHNIKA gia to GCSE (text book and exercise book) (E.DIA.M.ME) + audio cd Mathaino Ellinika 5 (A + B) – Text Book and Exercise Book by Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
  • Ellinika me tin Parea mou 2 by University of Crete
  • Photocopies of PRE-GCSE-GCSE material given by the headteacher (school material)
  • Collins Greek-English Dictionary
  • Oxford English-Greek Dictionary

*Parents should provide opportunities for children to use Greek at home.

Listening / Speaking

  • Carry on conversations with teacher and other students in Greek on a variety of topics
  • Participate in discussions topics studied in class, and extra-curricular topics
  • Express feelings, wishes, plans Individual and pair/group projects.
  • Formal and informal oral presentations in Greek – topics determined by teacher
  • Supplementary: songs, poems, word games
  • Videos relating to Culture/History/Geography component


  • Selected lessons from variety of texts listed above: Newspaper, magazines, internet
  • Word study: new vocabulary, frequent review, use of dictionary
  • *It is highly recommended that students purchase a bilingual dictionary

Writing / Spelling

  • Compositions consisting of a series of paragraphs on a variety of topics
  • Journal: Entries 4 – 6 sentences written both at home and at school
  • Dictation of 3 – 5 sentences from reading lesson
  • Focus on spelling word endings correctly (πλένετε – πλένεται etc)
  • Use of dictionary as an aid in spelling


  • Review all parts of speech
    • Nouns, adjectives: All declensions
    • Auxiliary verbs είμαι, έχω e.t.c
    • Verbs: Ενεργητική – Παθητικη Φωνή
    • Add perfect tenses: (παρακείμενος – υπερσυντελικος)
    • Pronouns: Αντωνυμίες Προσωπικές, Δεικτικές, Κτητικές, Αόριστες, Ερωτηματικές.

Culture / Mythology / Geography

  • Seasonal topics
  • Alexander the Great: early life, his teacher, his conquests, his achievements
  • Map study: The conquests of Alexander
  • Videos: Excavations at Vergina
  • Macedonia
  • History and Religion based activities

Culminating Activity

  • An Interview group project: Greek traditional life
  • Interview grandparents about traditional Greek way of life
    • Breadmaking, making prozimi, farming/fishing methods
    • preserving food for winter
    • making traditional food (hilopites, trahana)
    • wine-making
    • olive picking and olive oil production
    • traditional wedding, marriage customs from around Greece, etc.
  • Written, oral and visual components required


  • Koulouriastos
  • Sigathistos
  • Zonaradikos
  • Sousta
  • Kotsari
  • Zorba
  • Hasapiko
  • Zeimbekiko
  • Ikariotiko
  • Tatsia

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"