Basic Curriculum for Grade 4


  • Margarita 4, epipedo 4, Tefhos 4- Text Book and Exercise Book by University of Crete (EDIAME)
  • Mathaino Ellinika 3 (A + B) – Text Book and Exercise Book by Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
  • Mathaino na diavazo, Epipedo Proto, Tefxos 5, by University of Crete
  • Grammata, lexeis, istories, Proto tefxos, by Greek Ministry of Education

Listening / Speaking

  • Carry on conversation in Greek on a variety of topics
  • Dramatisations: to enhance speaking skills
    • based on stories read or discussed in class
    • based on real life situations (i.e. Let’s go shopping)
  • Supplementary: Songs, poems, word games
  • Oral composition: Students create stories looking at pictures.
  • Oral presentations: Pair or group work – topics to be determined by teacher
  • View Greek videos on Greek mythology


  • Selected readings from a variety of texts listed above.
  • Practice reading at school and at home from books listed above.
  • Word study: Vocabulary lists, dictionary use, using new words in different contexts,
  • Frequent review to consolidate


  • Improve handwriting: Copy passages from text
  • In-class creative writing: Write stories consisting of 10-12 sentences on assigned topics
  • Write captions for pictures or own art work
  • Work collaboratively with partner to compose a story or report
  • Dictation of sentences and words from the weekly lesson


  • Review alphabet, punctuation Dictionary skills: Alphabetical order
  • Parts of speech: Review nouns, adjectives, articles, auxiliary verbs έχω, είμαι
  • Nouns: -singular, plural, 3 genders, appropriate endings
    -declensions: orally and in context only (Ο πατέρας μου είναι καλός./ Το όνομα του πατέρα μου είναι Νίκος / Αγαπώ τον πατέρα μου)
  • Adjectives: Agreement in number and gender with the nouns they modify
  • Verb tenses: Enestotas –Aoristos (regular & irregular verbs)
  • Adverbs of place-time
  • Adjectives: Comparison-Superlative

Culture / Mythology

  • Review of Ethnic, religious days, Lord’s prayer, national anthem
  • Mythology: Ancient Greek gods and heroes Hercules, Theseus
  • Videos: Greek Mythology A,B,C
  • History and Religion based activities

Culminating Activity

  • Individual or partner project: A photo essay: My grandmother’s village/Our trip to Greece or Cyprus /An imaginary trip to Greece or Cyprus (Snoopy visits Athens or Nicosia)
  • Students design own postcard to send to family or friend in Greece or Cyprus
  • Oral presentation: Includes Poster, written description, artifacts from Greece or Cyprus
  • Resources: Internet, travel brochures, post cards, family photos


  • Kalamatianos
  • Ikariotikos
  • Hasapia
  • Raikos
  • Hasaposervikos
  • Syrtos
  • Zeimbekiko

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"