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How the school operates

At the Greek School of Coventry, we welcome new students only at the beginning of the school year. Due to increased demand we have capacity constraints. We run classes for children between the ages of 5-18 years old every Saturday during term time and Greek Language classes for Adults during the week. We also offer Dance Lessons for Adults every Saturday from 14:00-15:00.

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Children's Class Timetable
All classes start at 10.30am.
Reception Class finishes at 15:00. However if parents would like their child to spend less hours in reception because of concerns about tiredness and exhaustion for the child they may pick up their child at 13:45pm
Our school year runs from September to July, which is divided into two terms (five months in each term)
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The School Day

Children will be introduced to a varied timetable of learning during their Greek school day, which will embrace not only the Greek language, but our culture and history. Children who attend the Greek School of Coventry will learn the following:

Greek language is the principal feature of the national awareness and identity of students born and bred in an environment, which differs from the Greek standards and culture. The goal of our school is to comprise the connecting link between Great Britain and our home country by instilling to the students our values and traditions, in a way that meets modern life requirements.

Our priority is the teaching of the History of Greece because through the study of our Greek civilization they will be able to build their national and cultural identity. Besides, our goal is to make them aware of the contribution of the Greek nation to the global civilization and establish the relevant awareness. Also, through the lessons they come in contact with the ancient Greek civilization, and therefore feel particularly proud of the work of their ancestors, by transferring their knowledge to Great Britain.

Religious education is considered to be a humanity subject. It is significant in Greek School because children need to experience the Christian way of love towards all people, regardless color, religion and race. Furthermore, via religious education they learn and understand better the major celebrations and events of Christianity (Christmas, Easter, the Feast of the Annunciation, name-days).

The aim of teaching Greek Geography is students to understand better the geography of past times and how geography has played important roles in the evolution of Greek people, their ideas, places and environments. Also, students learn the location of places and the physical and cultural characteristics of those places.

The Greek School of Coventry offers traditional dance lessons for all ages, specialising in dances from all the regions of Greece & Cyprus. We teach and promote traditional dance through a fun and lively class atmosphere. As part of our Greek School curriculum, we offer Greek dance lessons to all our students from reception class through to A-level class and we also offer Adult Greek Dance lessons every Saturday from 14:00-15:00 at the School Hall.

Students learn Greek-Cypriot Music and Songs. This way we keep the authentic, traditional Greek music alive.

National Celebrations – Beyond learning the Greek language, students have the opportunity to become familiar with Greek national and religious Celebrations, in exactly the same way as they are celebrated and honoured in Greece. This is an extremely important mean towards meeting the goal of maintaining and strengthening their Greek identity.

The Greek School of Coventry offers children the opportunity to socialise with others against a Greek cultural backdrop. Children attending the school make lifelong friends and relationships, and create lasting memories. This is what makes our school so special.

*Greek Lessons also include poetry, literature, grammar and syntax

School fees

We work hard to keep our fees reasonable for all our students. The following fees are applicable for the current year:

Reception-Year 6










Please note we accept pupils from the age of 5 into our Reception class. Pupils start Year 1 - age 6 years old

Progress and Exams

Before the end of each term, we will go over and revise what students have learnt during that term, as well as exams once the new term starts to test the students’ knowledge and level in their learning journey.

We also hold Parents’ Evenings, which take place at the end of each term, which gives parents the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their child’s progress, academically and socially
  • Talk through any issues or concerns they have
  • Discover more about our teaching methods and strategies
  • Find out more about our plans and expectations for the following term/year
  • Ask questions and see your child’s work and their classroom

We organise a parents-teachers meeting at the beginning of the school year that aims to bring together parents and teachers to exchange ideas and views regarding the education programme which has been arranged for each year group.

The quality of our teaching and the happiness of our pupils is paramount, and we welcome any discussion on how we can continue to improve upon the education we provide, our school policies and your expectations.

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What you need to bring?

At the Greek School of Coventry, we supply the textbooks and workbooks that children need, but we do ask that your child brings a pencil case with their own pens and pencils (preferably named) as well as a packed lunch for lunchtime in a named lunchbox. We also suggest that your child brings a named bottle of water with them to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Pupil Supervision


Parents/guardians are responsible for bringing their children to school 10-15 minutes before the start of the lessons. Teachers are directly responsible for the safety of children once they line up for assembly/prayers. It is very important to deliver your child to the teacher when you arrive at school.
Once parents leave the premises, the front gates are closed and the front door is locked.


There is a supervision rota for breaks. Two teachers are responsible for supervision when children are allowed outside, weather permitting. The remaining teachers are responsible for the supervision of children inside the school premises. Pupils are not allowed to remain by themselves in a classroom during the break.


Parents/guardians must assume the responsibility for picking their children up promptly after the school day ends. Whenever parents cannot pick up their children within the specified time frame, they must contact the school to inform the child’s teacher, so that arrangements can be made to safeguard the child until the parent/carer arrives. We assure you that your children are kept safely on the school premises and a responsible person wait with them until a parent/carer comes.
It is very important to keep us updated in case you change your contact details.
Also, you must notify us in advance if someone else needs to pick your children up.

*For more details please see our School Policies: Health & Safety Policy, Children Protection Policy, Fire Safety Procedures, Safety advice for Staff/Volunteers, Off site procedures. These can be found in the about section.

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