Happy Summer!

July 26, 2021

Dear parents, 

Thank you for all your support during yet another challenging and unpredictable year. There have been many challenges for our school to overcome, especially in the Autumn term, and it would have been so much harder had we not had the support from you. We really appreciate your efforts to support the learning of your children during the school year and especially during the long period of lockdown from the beginning of January to the middle of April.

As a school, we developed and improved our remote learning methods as we learnt lessons from the previous lockdown and achieved high levels of engagement from pupils.

We would ike to thank our students for their patience and achievements throughout the challenges faced in 2020-2021. They remained engaged and motivated.

We would also like to thank the staff for their dedication, inspiration and hard work throughout this school year.  We have all worked hard to continue to build on our ‘Outstanding’ status and whose efforts have made learning Greek even more interesting.

Also, Happy farewell to A2 children and all the best for your brightest future. It was a great pleasure being a teacher of such kind and good-hearted  students. Your hard work, effort and support you gained from your parents and us this year will bring the results we expect. Good luck for your  exams in Year 13 and continue to achieve excellence.

All that is left is to thank the most compassionate and dedicated School Coordinator, Mr Andrew Papageorgi, Ms Eleni Maoudis and the school and church committee.  We can’t say more strongly how much we appreciate your commitment to the school success and continuity.

We wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing all our children and families on Saturday, 11 September 2021 for the start of the Autumn Term.

You will also receive updates and information about the reopening of the school in September soon.

Kind regards

Eleni Tsilipira-Head teacher of the Greek School of Coventry