Basic Curriculum for Grade 5-6


  • Mathaino Ellinika 5 (A + B) – Text Book and Exercise Book by Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
  • Margarita 5 by university of Crete
  • Emeis kai oi alloi Epipedo 2, by University of Crete

*Parents should provide opportunities for children to use Greek at home.

Listening / Speaking

  • Carry on conversation with teacher and other students in Greek on a variety of topics.
  • Oral presentation in Greek – topics to be determined by teacher
  • Individual and/or group projects, formal and informal
  • Supplementary: songs, poems, word games
  • View videos relating to mythology


  • Selected lessons from texts selected above.
  • Word study: vocabulary lists, frequent review
  • Dictionary use to find word meanings


  • Improve handwriting skills: Copy passages from text
  • Keep a journal: 4-6 sentence diary entries to be written both at home and at school

*emphasis will be on expression, not on correct spelling or grammar

  • Creative writing: Write one paragraph consisting of 4-6 sentences
  • Dictation: 2 – 3 sentences from story
  • Stress correct spelling of noun and verb endings, adjective-noun agreement
  • Use of linking words


  • All parts of speech
  • Nouns: Concrete, abstract, ισοσύλλαβα/ανισοσύλλαβα
  • All declensions, singular/plural
  • Adjectives: comparative degree, agreement with nouns, singular and plural
  • Decline adjectives ός, ή, ό, ιά/-υς, -ιά. –υ
  • Adverbs of place-time
  • Prepositions
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs: -First and second conjugations
  • Past and future simple and continuous tenses
  • Active-Passive Voice

Culture / Mythology / Geography

  • Ancient Greek civilizations: Minoan, Mycenian. Athens, Sparta.
  • Peloponesan wars, The oracle at Delphi, Myth of Atlantis
  • Videos: Μυθολογία
  • Map study: review geographical divisions, important islands, main cities, mountains, rivers, seas, foreign borders, ancient sites.
  • The products of Greece for trade (olives, oil, cotton, fruit, etc.)
  • Suggested project: bristol-board map of Greece, showing cities, geographical divisions, rivers, mountains, products, ancient sites
  • History and religion based activities

Culminating Activity

  • My roots: an individual project based on a city or region, home of student’s grandparents or parents.
    • geographical location, land features (mountains, rivers, etc.)
    • places of interest
    • historical interest of the area
    • common occupations, way of life, products for trade
    • population, climate
  • Resources: Internet, interviews (relatives, friends), travel brochures, family photos
  • Personal writing: Student – describes the above city/region in his/her own words
  • express personal feelings about his/her roots
  • Oral/Visual/Written components required


  • Kalamatianos
  • Mpaitouska
  • Antikristos
  • Ballos
  • Kerkyraikos
  • Tsamikos
  • Xasapiko
  • Zeimbekiko
  • Tatsia

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"