Basic Curriculum for Grade 1


  • Mathaino Ellinika 1 (A + B) – Text Book and Exercise Book by Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
  • Paizo kai Mathaino , epipedo proto, tefhos 2, by University of Crete (EDIAME)
  • Diavazo kai grafo – Εpipedo Proto, Tefhos 5, by University of Crete (EDIAME)
  • Diavazo, grafo, tragoudo CD-ROM- Εpipedo Proto – CD-ROM by University of Crete (EDIAME)
  • Grammata – Lexeis – Istories, Glossa A’ Dimotikou  – Text Book and Exercise Book by Ministry of Education and Culture, Greece

*Parents should provide opportunities for children to use Greek at home.

Listening / Speaking

  • Review basic vocabulary taught in Kindergarten
  • Following instructions in Greek
  • Responding in simple sentences in Greek
  • Cultural and Seasonal themes for discussion, vocabulary acquisition
  • Picture cards for discussion, vocabulary
  • Expand vocabulary through themes:
  • Days of the week, months, seasons, domestic animals, fruit, vegetables
  • Supplementary: Songs, poems, stories, riddles
  • Language games: Riddles, Show and Tell (δείξε μας και πες μας)
  • Circle time: Speaking, Listening, Viewing
  • Children listen to, discuss and dramatize stories read to them in Greek.
  • Children describe what they see in simple sentences
  • View Greek videos for vocabulary/discussion/enjoyment


  • Learn letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case
  • Begin reading words, sentences, and stories from the texts described above.
  • Recognize words in and out of context
  • Apply word attack skills to unlock new vocabulary
  • (Syllabication, context and visual clues)

Writing / Spelling

  • Handwriting practice: Practice writing letters, words, short sentences
  • Variety of seatwork activities: Filling in blanks, unscrambling words and sentences, matching, etc.
  • Create words using letter cards
  • Print simple words from reading lesson on chalk board box


  • Alphabet: Matching capitals to small letters
  • Incorrect grammar in children’s speech should be corrected by modeling
  • Learn the alphabet by role (alphabet song)

Culture / History

  • Children’s name days
  • Thanksgiving, OXI day, Christmas, March 25, Easter,
  • Activities appropriate to each day
  • History and religion based activities


  • Improve fine motor skills and coordination
  • Following instructions
  • Sequential activities


Basic steps:

  • Palamakia
  • Kontoula Lemonia
  • Kalamatianos
  • Syrtos
  • Antikristos
  • Tsamikos
  • Karagouna
  • Hasaposervikos
  • Kouza

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"