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Recognising that the children give up their precious spare time on Saturdays to learn the Greek language, our mission is to create a happy, interesting and caring environment where the children feel valued and respected, through which we encourage them to achieve their fullest potential academically, socially and culturally.

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All teachers and stakeholders who interact with students, are holders of a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

Andrew Papageorgi

School Co-ordinator

Eleni Tsilipira

Head Teacher / A Level & Year 6-Pre GCSE Teacher

Anastasia Stavridou

Year 1 Teacher

Georgios Athanasopoulos

Year 2 & Year 5 Teacher

Eleftheria Κaparalioti

Year 1adv & GCSE Foundation Teacher

Syllia Paraschou

Year 4 Teacher

Athanasia Anastasopoulou

GCSE Higher Teacher

Eleni Maoudis

Religious Education / Music Teacher

Vasiliki Kopaila

Teaching Assistant

Vasiliki Κoliou

Teaching Assistant


Our major aims are to promote the Greek language, culture and heritage whilst we recognise and value the importance of living in a multicultural society. We place a strong emphasis on academic success we encourage our children to adopt Christian principles and to be proud of their background, culture and heritage and to show mutual respect and support for each other and the wider community whilst simultaneously respecting the values and beliefs of other ethnic minorities.

As a supplementary school we aim to create as broad and balanced a curriculum to excite and motivate the children, promoting their enthusiasm for learning and inspiring them to acquire and enjoy a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to establish the Greek School of Coventry as a centre of excellence to attract children from the age of 5, from all backgrounds and from as wide an area as possible. The syllabus incorporates Modern Greek Language up to AS2 level history, religious education, theatre, singing, and dancing.

We recognise and celebrate the individuality and diverse contribution and potential of our school community and we encourage every pupil to achieve their full potential.

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